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Godspeed To The Entrants In Todays Indy 500!

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i checked on mike conway this morning on espn.com


here is his mishap from yesterday:





he did break his leg, but will be ok. very scary crash. reminded me of kenny brack's crash in texas. to this day the scariest thing i have ever seen.......... anywhere.


unfortunatley, he set the guiness record for involuntary g-force taken by a human.


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Thanks for that info, glad he will be ok. I never saw kenny brack's crash- was he ok?


no, kenny was not ok. he broke everything. i mean EVERYTHING.


i dont have the stats in front of me, but it was more than 10 bones and a collapsed lung, crushed ankle.


he raced once or twice a few years later, but then was done. he pops up from time to time in the announcers booth and it always gives me a smile to see him back at the track.


i have the unique experience of having a professional race driver (and former indy winner) as a close friend. although i have never driven at 230mph, i know exactly what it feels like............ straight from the horses mouth. and its a grueling sport.

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I always' say a prayer for the racer's before they start!


as do i friend........ as do i.


the thought of life being taken off this earth "in the blink of an eye" is never more possible than out there on that track.


according to my friend, it takes 5-7 laps before the drivers can "see" at indy. seriously, for the first few laps at 230mph all they can see is a few fuzzy colored bubbles around them. it takes everything they have to keep the car "on the black line" (the track) and away from the white (the wall)......... that is literally all they go on for the first few laps until the equalibrium settles down.


i couldnt imagine being blind.

being blind at 230mph?? come on now. :P

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drove it like he stole it.


pay close attention to the first 2 seconds of the video and then watch how far back he drops.


just a kid from northern ohio racing go-karts and growing up with one dream. to win the indy 500.


knowing that his one and only dream is 5 miles away, he gave new meaning to the phrase "like a bat outta hell"


if i hadnt gotten married or had children, i could honestly say this is the best moment of my life. and i wasn't even in the car ;)


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