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Howdy, Y'all!

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Greetings from Ferndale. I'm a MM patient and brand new to the forum. I'm thrilled to learn a dispensary is supposed to open in my own backyard this week.


My doctor just completed my certification and I'm about to apply for my card. I came here to do research about caregivers as apparently I must specify one on the application. Obviously I want to find someone established, reputable and completely above board. I don't want my supply of medicine interrupted because of someone else's legal problems and based on my preliminary reading it seems that you must file another form and pay yet another $10 fee to change caregivers.


Any advice members can offer on selecting a reliable caregiver is much appreciated.

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Welcome Tiki, you will get lots of help if you are patient. There are many here with knowledge and expertise to help guide you. I personally am currently a patient who is learning about growing for myself, which I hope to be doing soon!


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" Tiki " to MMMA 2.0


Hello ... I strongly suggest you try attending as many

Compassion Meetings in your Area...


Please Do NOT be in a hurry to get you a Caregiver...

Take your time ... Talk to people, Get Phone Numbers...

Ask Question , Read as much as you can here...


Ask Question here... There are several Post about Caregivers...

There are Many Nightmare Story's from people who rush to

get them a Caregiver , Please Take your Time...


You 'll be So Thankful that you did...


Personally i would rather You Grow your own...

It can be So Rewarding ...


Anyways... Glad you made it here, Hope to see you around

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Welcome Tiki :) Tarz has the right idea. Don't "settle" on a caregiver out of urgency. It could potentially only set you back so do your homework. Take the time to talk to a few caregivers. Your off to a good start. This is the place to be. Have met some extremely compassionate people here that can only make your journey more pleasurable. Good Luck!

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