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. . . As The End Of Prohibition Draws Near . . .

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Well if THAT headline isn't Eye-Catching, eh?


Richard Cowan says:


“We certainly think that the move to close so many medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles is likely to increase the majorities in favor of the legalization initiative in the fall. We believe that only full legalization will protect the patients and the public. Marijuana prohibition is a public health disaster and Cannabis Science is happy to be in a position to advance the science of medical cannabis and continue to be an ongoing resource for all our patients in need.”




Thank YOU! [and, Ditto That!} to Mr. Cowan, Dr. Melamede, Cannabis Science, Inc., and IBT!




Cheers to looking forward to "The END of Prohibition"!!!


Be Positive!




And, remember: "It's a KIND Universe"!


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Tears in my oatmeal . . .


sure makes the otherwise sweet, fresh slices of strawberry topping taste salty.


And, these blurry eyes sure make it hard to see to type.


A Bitter/Sweet emotional roller coaster ride today, for sure.


[well' EVERY day, really]


Thanks for the Reality Check, PB


As far as we've made it, we've sure got a LONG way to go to . . .




Couldn't help but be reminded of this:



Rock 'em Out; Roll 'em Up; Pass 'em Along!



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