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Traveling Across The U.s.


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Can we travel across the U.S. with MMJ? Also what about those states that doesn't reconize MMJ? Are we still covered under the Mich. Laws?



I don't think so ... I'm not a Lawyer ...


Once you leave Michigan and go into Ohio for example ,

Im sure you must follow their Laws ...


I think once you leave Michigan , our Laws don't

apply in other States ...


I probly would travel w/ a small amount for Personal use ...

But i don't think i would push my luck w/ 2 1/2 Oz's :D

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I though that as long as we kept everything under raps we would be O.K. and be protected under Mi. Laws.. As long as we have our cards with us...


Not in states without MM laws. Trust me that Ohio state trooper will laugh at us & our cards, right before he takes u too jail.


I think there are 13 states (don;t quote me) that have MMj laws, A few more will be voting shortly. Stay clear of LEO in the ones that don't. They will cut you no slack .


Be careful out there.....B)

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No states as of yet have reciprocity with Michigan in regard to MMJ (unless some have adopted it in the past month or two)


Your Michigan card will get you a good laugh from an Ohio LEO.




Even in CA your Michigan card is more or less useless in most places.

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