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Save The Ta Ta's

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So my home dropzone is helping sponsor a fundraiser for breast cancer on July 9-11 and I thought I'd invite you guys. The dz is donating a percentage of student jumps to the Susan G Komen foundation and the Pink Ribbon Riders.


If you've ever wanted to make a skydive, here's your chance. And don't assume that because you have a disability you can't jump. I've done tandems with Blind people, deaf people, amputees, double amputees, parapalegic... No promises, but the chances are good we'll be able to figure out a way to jump if you want to.


Anyone interested in jumping can sign up at A+ Hydroponics in Caledonia or you can call Premier Skydiving in Fremont at 877-2-SKYDIVE.


Here's a link to their website. A link to the fundraiser is on their homepage.




Hope to see some of you there. Say hi if you come out. I'm the brown guy in the second row on their staff page http://www.premier-skydiving.com/html/staff.html





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This is something I have always wanted to do.

Sounds so cool

Grew up with my dad owning a Single Prop.


Only one ?


Do you think you guys could turn the engines off or fake a stall??


I do not know how I will rationalize jumping out of a perfectly good airplane

once the nerves and reality set in HAHA


Seriously though what a cool event for a great cause!


Big thumbs up!

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The flag w/name as well as the photo is mine to keep ($75)? This cost is in addition to the cost of my making the jump ($220)? I may be a student with an AARP card and an upcoming birthday. Lots of discounts rights?


I may have to give this some thought. Another something to cross off the bucket list!

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Just wanted to say thanks to the folks that came out and jumped and to the ones who couldn't make it but donated anyways!


Our little corner of the mmj community raised over $500 for this cause and had a bunch of fun too.


We'll do it again next year!

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