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Your Opinion On Best Setup....


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trying to allacate my money with about a 1000 dollar startup budget. 24 plants. 12 by 15 room. want to do two mothers and veg in one part and flower in other. How much space for both? Have access to 2 1000w hps.what other lights should i invest in? How about climate control unit? Best way to control oder(have nosey ex)?Ive been doing alot of research last wk and half. feeling abit overwhelmed with options.Want to produce best medicine for my friends. they deserve it but dont want to get to complicated or have a electic bill that would raise any red flags. help im feeling like im going to have an stroke trying to filter all this info......

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Here is my room and hopefully I can describe it effectively.


11x11 in size. I divided the room into 3 spaces – 5x5 for Veg, 5x5 for Flower, and 6x11 for locked door access, clone area, and general work area for mixing nutrients and stuff. I grow in dirt also.


Note: This room did not happen all at once. I have pieced it together when I could financially. I was forced into some of the room requirements when plants needed to move from veg to flower. There are still things I want to do, that when I get the finances for I will do.

I’ve put over $2K into this room, but I did have to frame it and put a door on it.


The veg and flower rooms are black/white (showing) plastic – ceiling too. The can-filter is built into the center and vents all rooms to the outside effectively. It is vented through my hooded lights for cooling off the bulbs. I also have an outside air source into the veg and flower rooms fed by the slight negative pressure created by the can filter.


The can filter seems to work very well for climate control – though I know I could not dry or cure production in this room. Climate control is something I need to invest in. It also is effective for odor control. I’m about ready to harvest my first grow and there is no discernable smell.


Yes my electric bill did go up. When I figure out how to keep product year round, I may be able to cycle the grows so that there may be a time when only the veg or flower room lights are on, not both.


I'm not saying this is the best, but it works very well for me so far. I hope this helps and good luck.

grow room grid.pdf

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Lumatek 400W 120.240V HPS/MH Electronic Ballast for veg.

- Power Cord (Power Cord Option)





Hydrofarm Xtrasun 6in AC Reflector w.glass, 15FT lamp cord





Eye 400W 6500K Full Spectrum Horizontal Metal Halide Bulb





Milwaukee T75 Portable TDS Tester





Active Air 6" 400 CFM In-line Duct Fan





Bright Wing 125W 6500K CFL Grow Light for mothers





10x20x6 Inch Snug Fit Propagation Humidome for clones





Milwaukee pH51 Waterproof pH Tester





Carbonaire 6 Inch Carbon Filter





Super Sprouter 21x10 Seedling Heat Mat






Sub-Total: $669.00 + $60 for shipping. Or print out and most local shops will match price with shipping. Add a 4 foot shop light for cloning for around $15. Plus your 2 1000 watt HPS.


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Guest Mr_smith

My first suggestion to you would be to scale it down a bit. No need to jump in head first.

In this situation quality produces more quantity.

My second suggestion would be to check out bubblegrowers "prepetual grow journal" located in his sig.

Bubble buckets are wonderful and you can make them yourself quite cheaply.

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