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Has any one used or heard any thing about the Agrosun Gold Metal Halide bulbs. Agrosun claims that these halides are enhanced in the red and orange spectrum so they can be used for flowering as well as vegging with top results. Just wanted to hear from some one that has used or seen em in action.

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I havn't used them before but here's my opinion on them. Remember this is simply my opinion.


In my opinion the SunPulse Pulse Start Metal Halide is a FAR superior product. Each SunPulse bulb is a FULL SPECTRUM bulb with increased spectral output in certain areas.


The Agrosun Gold appears to me, to be a slight copy-cat of the SunPulse bulbs. I say this because they are very close to being the exact same thing, however, the Agrosun bulbs are merely standard Metal Halides with added gas for a slightly more red spectral output. No, they aren't coated bulbs. They aren't actual full-spectrum bulbs either though...


The SunPulse bulbs are a little bit more pricey, but come with a 2yr warranty and emitt a much more fuller spectral output than that of the Agrosun...


However, there is no doubt in my mind that it is a good bulb. It comes with a 1yr warranty and is closer to what Cannabis plants need than HPS. So they're on the right track!


I would go with SunPulse if you want any kind of Metal Halide for bloom phase.


I am actually in the process of saving up money to replace all my HPS bulbs with SunPulse bulbs.

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