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Rooting In Se Michigan

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I'm a long time activist for MM all over the planet but especially in America. I used consciously the first time I tried, having read in my Jr. High School library that cannabis was used by many cultures as medicine.


I had the great opportunity of meeting and becoming friends with my 'late' mentor Jack Herer back in 1987. I worked with H.E.M.P. on the west coast, Soma in Amsterdam and attended countless compassionate protests all over the country.


My only arrests where at Ann Arbor where I was given the last of the $5 fines(which I refused to pay and was dropped by the City-'thanks people') and in San Francisco for purchasing MM(also dropped charges 2 days after my arrest on 4/1 lol)


I have always seen the future of compassionate and honest education and am happy to see more and more of my vision manifesting around the planet.


Thanks to all of you who also hold the light of our rights - high and clear!





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Welcome to the MMMA.


There's a lot going on in Michigan. We can use your insight.


Do you reside in Michigan now?


Hi PB,

sorry for the slow reply. atm am homeless in Mi and looking for work. I had been visiting my parents in northern Indiana but now I'm ready to roll north. first I'm just trying to get any kind of mellow work. Got a corkscrew for a back so it can't be to heavy, but I can do alot. If ya know of anything you can call me at 574 875 6155


Thanks for the welcomes :gym:

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