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State Is No Help

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Owosso city counsel says the state is no help in figuring out the complex issues of YOUR new MMJ Laws.And that the counsel says it does not know the answers either. Maybe someone out their give these poor souls some info ??


..Home News Community Owosso .Owosso fails to pass pot moratorium

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By GARY RIDLEY, Argus-Press Staff Writer | 2 comments


OWOSSO — The City Council decided not to move forward with a moratorium on businesses associated with medical marijuana during its meeting Monday night.


However, the council did decide to create a subcommittee to further explore how the Medical Marijuana Act that Michigan voters approved in 2008 ties in with the city’s zoning regulations.


“This is a major discussion probably with every city in the state,” interim city manager Donald Crawford said, noting ordinances recently passed in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills completely banning medical marijuana are being challenged by the ACLU.


The council discussed the idea of a 90-day moratorium on any new medical marijuana-associated businesses, with council member Tom Cook motioning to approve the moratorium, in order for the city to figure out how dispensaries, counseling centers and other business plans associated with medical marijuana fit into the city’s zoning ordinance.


“We have a new use. What zoning does it apply to?” Mayor Benjamin Frederick asked.


Cook said the moratorium would allow the city to investigate the situation on its own since it has received little to no guidance from the state.


“This is a new activity that hasn’t been seen,” Cook said of medical marijuana businesses.


Cook’s motion died without support.


However, the city did agree to create a subcommittee to investigate the relationship between the city’s zoning and the Medical Marijuana Act.


The subcommittee will be headed by city council members Michael Erfourth and Christopher Eveleth and include members of the city’s public safety, zoning and planning administrations as well as a member from the health care community.


Erfourth pushed for the council to face this issue head on rather then waiting for other cities to pass ordinances.


“We should put our boots on for once and get in front of this issue,” Erfourth said.


The subcommittee is expected to produce a list of goals it would like to accomplish to the city council within 15 days, and produce suggestions within 30 days.




Dear God how long have they had to brush up on this new law.If it were a new law that was to give them a raise in their pay i bet they be on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich

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