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Seeking Meds - I'm In Lenawee County

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Hey everyone. I'm a patient/caregiver who is interested in getting some quality meds in or around Lenawee County. I'm a member of a couple of compassion clubs in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area but I just can't afford the $20/$25 per price right now. I'm weeks off of my own meds being ready. I would appreciate anyone that could help out. Not looking for anything free (of course....who would refuse it?). Just looking for a few patients/caregivers in the area to get to know.


Lenawee County doesn't have a regular compassion club that I know of. The one listed - LenaweeCares.org is no longer a up and running website. And I don't have a current number for "Jim" who ran it. Anyone with that number - I would appreciate it.


Thanks in advance for anyone that can help. I appreciate it.

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Hey Scott! I hope to make it this weekend. Depends on the vehicle situation. Working on hard candy/suckers this week. Should be stellar!


If anyone hasn't had a chance yet to check out the Canna Market that the Cereal City Compassion Club puts on - please do! These people are wonderful and I really enjoy these opportunities to get together.


Hope to see you there!

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