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Six-In-One Meter

Guest finallyfree09

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Guest finallyfree09

i recently purchased a six-in-one meter for my garden. it measures ph, ec, tds and so on. to calibrate the ec probe it says to use 2 different calibration solutions... this is where i am a little bit confused.


these are the exact words in the instructions...


1. press the mode key. choice the "EC" for operating. immerse the meter in 12880 u s/cm(12.88ec) calibration solution.


2. allow the reading to stabilize and with a small screwdriver turn the CAL calibration trimmer until the display shows "12.88ec". rinse the electrode with distilled water and suck it with filter-paper. unscrew the battery compartment cap on the top of the meter.


3. immerse the meter in 1413 u s/cm(1.41ec) calibration solution until the display shows "1413(1.41ec)



now... what the heck do i do here? i had a knowlegable friend tell me not to worry about the 12880 calibration solution as that is for calibrating the high end ec measurments. he said to use the 1413 stuff and i should be fine.


what do i do?

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