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Branch County Ordinance

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Last night, a victory for medical marijuana patients was won after a 3 month battle with the city and their attempt to adopt an ordinance that would literally make it impossible for any caregiver to provide needed meds.

Not one of the council members moved to introduce the proposal that would require a special use permit and limit patients and caregivers to no more than 25 plants and 5oz of medication.

When asked by the Mayor for a motion to introduce, not one member of the council spoke up.So the proposal died.

To be on the fair side however. Numerous council members did admit to voting for the law, Prop1,and those same members expressed concern about the proposed ordinance and claimed they simply would not vote on a proposal that was contrary to the law.

It's working folks, one bastion at a time. indeed a major victory in Coldwater, so all you others in communities who are trying these back end tactics, they can be beat. The voice of the people spoke loud and clear and communities need to remember that..Thanks to all who attended..


Bob Coleman

Branch County CC

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