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Clare County <Oratorium Meeting

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The meeting in Clare today went very well. The citizens of Clare should consider themselves lucky to have any members in politics care enough to hold a meeting to get the peoples voice on the law that they voted into effect. One of the most crucial speak was Dr. Robert Townsend who enlightened and charmed his way through what he had to say..Once The tables turned and the meeting came to the point where those attending the public meeting had a chance to speak, testimonies of how wonderfully this plant has worked in their lives. One person stated from her many ailments the doctors prescribed ridiculous amounts of narcotics to the point she could barely function. She tried medical marijuana once legal and has been able to stop all of them. Another older woman cared for her son who was dying of cancer and a dear friend who also was suffering from cancer and watched as they suffered and died faster from all of the meds prescribed. As she told her story she cried and expressed frustration for the fact that this was not an option for those she cared for because she would have served time to help them with this "drug" that she felt would have been a better option.


I videotaped the whole meeting and will work on getting important points online for you all to see ASAP.


Many thanks to everyone who attended. Thank you for sharing stories for our neighbors in Clare county and thanks to the panel for caring enough to listen to our patients and caregivers who simply don't want those they know around them to suffer needlessly or not be offered a chance at a cure for some ailments.


If every county worked the way Clare county did this law would be less of an issue and more like simply something new........


Casey from Clare County CC did a great job too! Nice club representation!!!

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