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Colorado Defecit Cut By Pot Fees


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This showed up on Drudgereport this AM- the site gets over 20 MILLION hits per day !!!!


Can anyone forward this to the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press-I have to get to work !!!





Colorado gov. says pot fees helping budget deficit


(AP) – 13 hours ago


DENVER — Gov. Bill Ritter is using $9 million from medical marijuana registrations to help the state meet a $60 million fiscal emergency.


The state anticipates ending the year with 150,000 applicants for medical marijuana cards, up from 41,000 in 2009. A marijuana card costs $90 per year.


Backers of medical marijuana legislation in a number of states and cities have touted revenue from possible taxes and other fees as a selling point at a time of tight fiscal funding.


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This is a big deal and should not be ignored !!!! We WANT municipalities to see the value of ultimately regulating and taxing MJ just like with alcohol-too many kids are dying due to alcohol/opiate overdoses and too many black kids are being ruined for life with "possession" charges.

dr. jinx

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nice article!


KIDS should get possession charges...just like if they were caught with tobacco or alcohol. age restrictions are a must.

You will not get an argument on that out of me !!!


But the important point of the article is that some states are using MMJ taxes to cut their defecits !!!!

Dr. jinx

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