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Exciting Mm Evolution And Mm Epilepsy Research

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. . . caught this at www.norml.com earlier


Dr. Garth Terry, an epilepsy researcher is interviewed on BBC regarding exciting new scientific medical studies now unfolding in the UK:



Neurotransmitter activity regarding cannabinoid receptors existence, density and population throughout the body and brain.



New scientific evidence indicates a powerful neurotransmitter regulation effect is achieved and stabilized with mm. This is also a strong protective effect on the brain. This also explains why there are so many euphoria effects from mm since there are so many deep and dense cannabinoid receptors that have naturally evolved from sea creatures, to cow bellies, and eventually to us in the last few millions years. Our brains and bodies have evolved better from it apparently until the the drug warristas took control of their robber baron's agenda in 1937- Namely eliminating the only US labor/ commodity that could have put the robber baron's out of business and out of control of international finance beginning back in 1913 - 1937 and continuing on even bolder and stronger today.



Evolution knew what she was doing . . .


. . . too many US pols don't


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Thanks Doc - I have a lot of pain and can't get on the computer machine a lot as typing and sitting makes the foot/leg pain much worse for a while - but this site is worth it and our cause is no less than epic.


The things you see when you're out of rep ammo ..


Thank you for making the effort.

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