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Saginaw Mi Patients/cgs

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Hi all. Recently moved to MI from CA for graduate school. Most things about the state are great so far, although your rules regarding MMJ are slightly...ahem, more stringent than I am used to in CA. I was taking it for anxiety in CA, but will have to settle for nausea in MI (brought on by anxiety).


First doctor I visited actually flat out told me no way as far as a card, but I didn't do my research. Apparently the normal general physician is less inclined to prescribe MMJ than they are in CA.


Nonetheless, I have an appointment Monday with a recommended doctor and should have my card soon enough. I was wondering how many, if any, CG's there are available in the Saginaw area? Any that would be willing/have room to add a patient?


Also, since I am new to the area, wouldn't mind meeting a few fellow MMJ friends. Is MMJ prevalent enough in MI to expect others in my area to be carded also? Just curious. If you're a CG w/vacancy or a patient looking for a new friend just e-mail me at jensen35@msu.edu


Thanks in advance for any help/friendship

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