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Another Oakland Press Story

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Of The Oakland Press


This week’s medical marijuana raids around Oakland County have people talking, including Gersh Avery of Dexter.


“What took place in Oakland is nothing short of armed robbery,” said Avery, an activist and frequent commentor on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association website.


“Patients in those locations had nothing to do with the day-to-day operations, yet their medicine was forcibly taken from them. (Law enforcement) deliberately targeted sick, innocent people.”

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I'm already out of "+"; And, I've only been on for a few minutes!


Can I trade my "-" in for more "+'s"?


But, either way, I'm happy to say, I did see this worthy article, while surfing the day's "uncensored" news on the net.


Made me smile, for sure.


When will the anti-FREES learn,eh?!


Certainly, compassionate activists in Michigan (such as your very direct and dedicated self, thank you, very much!) are ever more steadily and swiftly moving the herd of sheeple right out of the fence.


"Just say NO" to Corrals.


And, fences ...


And, Borders ...


And, Boundaries ...






(And ... "mo' + for YOU!)


: )



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Never heard of him or the mid-Michigan Compassion Club.


As far as this statement goes:


As for the raids, “people who weren’t patients should go to jail,” he said. “They’re breaking the law.”


Most likely... if anyone there who was not a patient they were the Nazi document forgers, and yea, that would be breaking the law.





David Overholt, president and founder of the Mid-Michigan Compassion Club in Stanton, said Oakland County should follow the Mid-Michigan model, which set up nonprofit compassion clubs but doesn’t allow people to purchase or use marijuana at the clubs.


As for the raids, “people who weren’t patients should go to jail,” he said. “They’re breaking the law.”


Overholt said his club members have never been raided and that members work with law enforcement.


“We talk all the time, and I keep them in the loop,” he said.


“None of us have been to jail or lost plants. The police are our friends. They expect me to do my job and they do theirs. We work to educate people (patients and caregivers) to do what is right.”

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