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Please Donate To The Mmma And Support The Fight

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Everyone please donate to our local organizations. I just sent in more money to the MMMA. Nobody asked me to do it or am I alligned with anyone at the MMMA in fact I have been kicked off before and still I find funds to donate in causes I believe in these groups. Support Clinical relief and Everybody's Cafe people. Contact Clinical relief I know they have got to be having supply issues. Help them out. I have had beef with CR them over business issues, However they are still Medical MJ friends and part of our community.


Please dig deep and support any way you can.


We must STOP THESE rogue narcotics Teams and the Masters at hand (COX, Bouchard, Cooper) from harrassing Medical Patients and go after Real DEAL Syndicated drug dealers. Aka the Mexican mafia, crips, bloods, BMG, 7 mile dawgs, etc, etc, oops but wait then again in Oakland County they make all their money off DUI's and Legal MJ cardholders. These DRUG UNITS (NET, DRAINO, KVET, SWET) choose the easy targets US cardholding people who paid to get LEGAL. What if only they actually went to work to make society a better place. And jailed the violent drug dealers and crime syndicates.


9-8-2010 1200 North Telegraph CourtHouse buildings. UNITY<<!!!

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