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Rogue Regimes Have Taken Over


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It is too bad that the local law enforcement here in Michigan has decided to break laws to keep their departments operating. They have no murders, rapes, robberies, thefts, or other crimes in their communities any more to concern themselves with (or so it would seem), so they have started turning patients and caregivers into criminals for their own profit.

What we have here are outlaw regimes, answerable to no one. It is too bad that their power went to their heads, because now it is the duty of every citizen to remove the rogues from their places of power and send them to prison where they belong.

I believe that when a government becomes detrimental to the citizens it is our duty to remove it.

My rights have been and are being violated and I insist that these rogue lawbreakers stop!!!!

Do we have to now vote to close down police stations, or what will it take before they start behaving like they are supposed to?

Keep doing everything you can until something works...

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USA has always been a police state. A tool to control the Masses.


Very true!

However, if we insist, persist, and educate, we can use a document created here to protect individual human rights. It is called the US Constitution. When used properly and by all, everyone has the right to their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I believe that if we insist that our elected and non-elected officials honor their oaths to it, that our individual human rights will be protected from harm and we will be a free people finally.

This is the only way to make sure EVERYONE gets to make their own choices in life (as long as they do not infringe on any other human being's rights) and truly be free and own their own selves.

Let's at least give it a try??

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To them, the Constitution is just a meaningless piece of paper, just like the papers they signed before and since, including various treaties and such, only to be ignored not much longer after the ink was dried. Some people follow a law, and only some laws seem to apply to certain people. Something's definitely wrong with this picture.


Sb :(

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