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Doctors Should Be Asking 'why' They Can't Prescribte Indica?

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Cannabis was once used for thousands of medical issues.


Why isn't it being used now?


It should be a medical option particularly for those that want a 'wholistic' and natural treatment for their medical problem.


Our treatment choices should NOT be 'dictated' to us.




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Guest Marywanna

Many Drs actually do not know anything about marijuana. One of mine says it is "addictive". Huh,well if it is so obvious why don't you have a clue that I have been using it for years,and even just before I come into your office,Mr Dr Brainiac? yep I come in there hammered! :lol: I have to get monthly blood draws. NOBODY EVER SAYS A WORD. Not the Hemo Dr,not the Rheum Dr,not the PCP. It just shows you that the Drs that ARE doing certs are probably taking an increase on malpractice insurance. Dr Bob and Dr Bix,have you had pressure put on your by your fellows? Do many of them still view MMJ as a joke? Do they avoid you?

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My rheumatologist has a sign up that says "we don't prescribe marijuana so don't ask." I let him know that it was my body and my choice as to what pain relief options I will try. I also let him know that it was not his place to take treatment options of the table for me. My last point to him is that nothing should be off the table for discussion and if he can't articulate why it is not an option for me then he probably does not have a valid reason.


Of course the problem is if I want to go to another rheumatologist it is a 45 minute drive to another town. I may have to do it because this guy does not know anything about my condition anyway.

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