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Nemm Compassion Club


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Well I wonder ....if we go over there will they come over here some day? I sure hope so.



Well ? Who Knows ?


I've gotta take a couple friends over there

to get certified , plus another guy from

Lewiston needs certified , He's going to follow

me there .


So for Now I have No Choice ....


Plus there are a few people over there i enjoy

their Fellowship ... Plus it's Good to see how the

Rich & Famous live over there ....


Our Group is growing , I just signed up a couple

more members and sold a couple shirt :thumbsu:


It all takes time ... We've got a few more people

coming up from West Branch for our September 21st

meeting open to the public .


I'm going over to Houghton Lake Compassion Groups

meeting tomorrow , which is 80 miles away ...

Thats the only bad thing about these groups are

so far away ...


Hell it's 80 miles to Greenbush for me too ...


Oh Well , It is a Beautiful Ride ...


We're So Lucky to Live up here in the Jungle

of Northern Michigan ...


Look at when they have those Rally's down there ...

I 'd bet we could get more then 200 up here :thumbsu:

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