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Cowboy For Cannabis!


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While dressed in a cowboy hat, boots and Wrangler jeans, Howard Wooldridge sits on his one-eyed American Paint horse, Misty. He looks like he could be out of a scene from a Western movie. Instead he is waving down traffic at the intersection Cherokee and Kettleman lanes.


Describing himself as a modern-day Paul Revere, Wooldridge, 59, has taken to the streets on horseback to encourage people to vote for Proposition 19, a statewide initiative to legalize pot.


As people drive through the Lodi intersection, they honk horns, give thumbs up, wave coffee cups and cheer.


“A majority of Californians believe the war on drugs is nonsense,” Wooldridge said.


The former Lansing, Mich. police detective wears a shirt that says in large letters “Cops Say Legalize Pot. Ask Me Why.” He also holds a sign that reads: “Control and Tax Cannabis. Yes on 19.”


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"Oh Lord .. stuck in Lodi again .."

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