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How Long For A Caregiver Change?

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Hello everyone,


I'm new to these forums, though I've been registered for some time now. I'm currently a patient and have not yet received my card (check cashed on 7/29) I expect to see it sometime around late October-early November. Anyway, I have a bit of experience and plan to at some point assume the role of a caregiver, but at this point have no feasible place for the operation. I have a friend who's offered me a very good deal to act as my caregiver (at least it seems like a very good deal) until I'm able to set myself up. My question is this, how long does it take to process a caregiver change? If I register him as my caregiver, how long until it takes effect? More importantly, when I want to change back to being my own caregiver how long will that change take? Is it like getting your card, where after three weeks your application serves as your registration? Any suggestions? Also, what kind of $$ are you seeing caregivers charge?


Thanks in advance for your insight!

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use the third form down on that page, as soon as the check is cashed and 20 days has gone by then just like a patient card, the paper with the money order ($10 for change forms) copied on the back works as your temporary documentation that the change has been submitted. When you want to take your friend off and be your own send in another change for with another $10 and check remove caregiver, and change who is allowed to possess the plants to the patient.


Hope this helps

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