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Sending Cashiers Check With Application

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I was wondering if anyone sent a cashiers check with their application. And if so was it difficult to get written confirmation that it was cashed.

Depending on which company you get your check from, you will have at least a receipt of the check with the amount, a date, and to whom it was sent to. Some of the providers of those cashier checks and money orders provide a way to check the status online, and via phone to verify that it has been cashed. Others, require you to request the information and may charge for it.


For my patient we sent a Western Union Money Order, which allowed for both methods of verification... neither of us liked the idea of any government body having our names, the name of our bank, and our account numbers...


Hope that helps. BTW, anybody that won't recognize the fact that it would cost more money and time than it is worth to cancel a money order and demands other proof of the check being cashed, needs some serious help. Not only that but you will have your return receipt from the certified mail... Just sayin.

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