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Submitted By: bubblegrowerSubmitted On: Today, 02:46 PMSubmitted In: Site HelpClick here to go to tutorial


you can block other members a couple different ways.


if you receive a private message from a member you wish to block.......... its on the left. just click on the red "block" link:


Posted Image




here is a way to block/ignore a user before you receive any private messages from them:


begin in the top right of any MMMA2.0 screen. the white arrow triggers the drop-down menu beside your user name. you want to choose the "my settings" option here:

Posted Image


that brings you to this screen:


Posted Image



you will need to hit the "profile" tab found here:


Posted Image


after clicking on the profile tab, you will see this on the left side of your screen:


Posted Image


from that menu, you want to choose "manage ignored users" and your next screen will be this one:


Posted Image


at this point just type in the members name that you wish to ignore/block and choose to ignore p.m.'s or all posts..... or both. and then hit the "save changes" button on the bottom of the page.

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