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Help Needed To Keep Law Alive

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Remember Voter Initiative Law One passed in 2008 legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana? Statewide the vote was 63 percent - winning in every county in the state by a large majority - some would say landslide.

The law was voted in fair and square! There are numerous reasons for a yes vote.


Whatever your reason for voting yes, you voted because you believed your vote would make a difference would count.


Let me tell you something, you were wrong! Your vote counted for nothing! Nothing in this state! Let me tell you why.


The state and its agencies are dragging their feet and have initiated draconian measures to wipe this law out of existence, whatever it takes.


You as a patient or caregiver are under attack! This is no joke. This article is intended to be alarmist in content because you need to wake up! Raids are being conducted against medical marijuana patients. The elderly are not immune.


Caregivers are not immune.


Compassion clubs are under attack. Some of these raids result in injury to patients and are suspected to be a factor in one patient's death.


Who will be next? Misinformation meant to discredit the law and those who are protected under this law have been disseminated throughout the media.


It's one-sided. Our point of view is rarely published or discussed. To further discredit the law, your intelligence and integrity as a voter has been called into question.


The politicians and judicial agencies have the resources to do great damage to the law you voted for and to the people it protects. All we have is our vote, our letters and calls to our representatives, our solidarity as a community of patients who prefer an alternative form of medication and your support whether you're a patient or not. You voted yes for a reason.


We need help to keep your law alive! Call your state representatives! Write them! Become involved! Become active! Go to council meetings, e-mail your representatives relentlessly. E-mail me! Tell them you knew what you voted for: To leave the law, patients, caregivers and ultimately, you alone! This blatant disregard for the voters and the law has got to stop. You can make a difference. November elections are approaching.


The ones who are fighting this law need to be voted out. The need to be sent a message that our rights will not be violated! - Bob Coleman, board member, Branch County Compassion Club

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