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Moderators Pls Merge Similer Threads

Buck Naykid

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Can we pls start haveing similer threads about the same subject "MERGED" into the same threads?

There are a 1/2 dozen threads running about the same subjects discussing the exact same thing in multiple places and it is imposible to keep up all the discutions.. even if you think you are keeping up with a conversation you may have missed one and could miss something important this way....

multiple threads about unity rally, multiple threads about the Atterny General Debate, multiple threads about EVERY subject!

On other forums I troll I notice that the mods just merge all similer threads and it really tideys up the forums and makes it easyier to find the info you need..


To people posting new threads... PLS take the time to see if there is a thread already and join it instead of starting many many many multiple threads....

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nice point buck.


i have merged numerous threads before........... but out of respect to the two separate thread starters......... if i do not get to the threads before they already have alternate posts, i do not combine them.


although i totally understand what you are saying, and i 100% agree.......... i feel that the bulk of this needs to lie on the shoulders of the members, as us mods have a ton of other stuff to do.


so many times a member is randomly surfing the net..... finding something interesting they want to share, and then haphazardly posting a new thread without even taking one minute to see if there is a similar thread already posted.


with that being said, any member who notices 2 or more topics on the same thread (before they each have numerous posts in them) let a mod know. there are many hours throughout the day when there is only one or 2 mods online..... and we may be doing something totally different at that moment.


once again, thanks for bringing this to light..... not only does it become a bit of an eyesore, it gets increasingly difficult to follow :)

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