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A Love Letter To Douchard

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So I found a link on the Bouchard for Governor webpage where you can write messages to Mr. Douchard. So I did. Here is my love letter to the jerk:


"Bouchard for Governor? This will never happen. You have killed any chance of ever getting elected to any public office in the state of Michigan again because you decided it would be in your best interest to begin an unlawful and discriminatory campaign against citizens who were legally obtaining and using medical marijuana. You must possess at least a minute amount of intellegence to have wormed your way into the Sherriff's office, so it should come as no suprise to you that when you refuse to acknowledge and insult and harrass those affected by a law that was voted into place by two-thirds of the citizens of the state that those citizens are unlikely to vote for you. And in case your ego has crowded out the brains in your head, two-thirds is a majority. You are the epitome of the saying "cutting off your nose to spite your face". I am going to enjoy watching your defeat. I am going to relish the day I see you on the television stepping out of office. In fact, I am going to DVR that moment so that I can watch it over and over and over again. You are done, Bouchard, and you have yourself and your goons to thank for it."


I never pass up an opportunity to support my local politician ;) Wouldn't it be great if we flooded his campaign site with this type of support?

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