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Quickgrow Q9 System


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Took a look. Can not judge for sure the spacing, but, looks far too close for bushy plants. Probably very efficient for small plants.


Way too expensive. They look cool though.


Check out the stink Bud system, they even give the plans away for the download. If you would need someone to build it.




Also checkout Bubblegrowers thread on this site.



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I haven't heard of it, but spent a minute checking out their website, http://www.quickgrowcanada.com/prodQuickie.html. There's a lot going on in that little machine! cloning, veg space, flowering, air filtration, CO2, digital control, etc.


An indication of how desirable the unit is might be the $500 price tag on this used unit in San Francisco:



Regardless of the price, I would be leery of this if you don't have a lot of growing experience. Without a lot of experience, you will have to learn simultaneously about cloning, vegging, flowering, DWC, CO2, and Dog knows what else. I don't think you could count on the unit to fix problems for you -- you'll still have to correctly identify problems and figure out how to fix them.


So what's your plan?


Oh, welcome to the site!

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