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Our Privacy Rights Online


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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has been fighting for our rights on the Internet. They have alerted me to 2 dangerous new proposals, either one could damage our privacy, which is already eroded but this could be much worse. Please read what they wrote to me and my comments afterward:


The U.S. government has made two proposals this week that threaten online speech and privacy in radical new ways. Either one, if passed by Congress, will fundamentally rewrite the rules of the Internet. EFF is fighting hard for your rights and needs your help. These proposals are the most frightening we've seen in a long time. The first is a bill called the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act," which would give the Justice Department new powers to censor websites accused of aiding "piracy." The second is an Obama Administration proposal that would end online privacy as we know it by requiring all Internet communication service providers -- from Facebook to Skype to your webmail provider -- to rebuild their systems to give the government backdoor access to all of your private Internet communications.


EFF is battling these threats to Internet users' privacy and freedom of speech, and we need your support. More than half of EFF's funding comes from individuals like you, and none of our funding comes from government grants. That means that when EFF goes toe-to-toe against government attempts to snatch away your rights, we pull no punches in defending the civil liberties of all technology users and innovators.


Become an EFF member today, and join the ongoing fight for privacy, free expression, and civil liberties on the Internet, as we face down these threats and secure a better future for us all.


As we know, the gov'mnt has been chipping away at our rights for a long time. This could directly affect us. They're so afraid of us speaking our minds, we must write our reps and demand they protect our right to privacy, or we'll vote the lot of them out. How they vote is public record, so we can find out who voted and how. I believe privacy is at the core of our rights and guaranteed.


Sincerely, Sb









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