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Ann Arbor Dispensary Robbed

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Well this sucks for many reasons. Glad nobody was hurt or injured, and that they caught the b@stard5.





" ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- A medical marijuana dispensary business in Ann Arbor is robbed overnight.


Ann Arbor police said they received numerous 911 calls about suspicious activity at Liberty Clinic, located at 206 South Main Street.


Officers said when they arrived, they got into a struggle with two men while another attempted to escape. All three reportedly were armed with handguns.


All three men were taken into custody.


The men were all in their 20s from the Detroit area.


Police said they were attempting to steal a sizeable amount of money and marijuana.


Several employees were bound with duct tape, according to police.


The clinic opened last February and is being run as a non-profit caregiver collective network.


The clinic has over 1,000 members.


In August, Ann Arbor City Council approved a four-month moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries to come up with zoning regulations for them."

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that does suck for sure now I wonder if all caregivers on the list will get a visit. I talked to a lady a few days back that whats some caregivers for her new shop coming in Adrian.I just worry that if something like this happens maybe all caregivers and patients will suddenly get a visit from LEO.

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