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Marijuana's Political Future.


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Every poll I have seen over the last year or more has put support for ending prohibition on marijuana in the 65% + range, and it continues to grow. People are realizing a few very important things about the current prohibition. The costs is one of those biggies, people are realizing how much it is costing in tax dollars to arrest, prosecute, and then house people for simple possession of marijuana. People are realizing that there are far worse crimes and drugs to deal with, and the priorities of law enforcement needs to change. Finally, the word is getting out that marijuana actually does have medicinal value, and when compared to the toxic drugs big pharma are pushing, the choice is a no brainer.


The propaganda of the Reefer Madness days is finally being overcome, as more and more folks become patients or know somebody that is a patient, it opens their eyes to the truth. With time and education the stereotypical image of a bunch of hippies getting stoned is being overcome. The political landscape is definitely changing, and it is changing in our favor.

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