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Wmcc Meeting

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I woulda loved to swing by this meeting if I had a more advanced notice. I was involved in starting WMCC if that of the same from the one that had meetings in Caladonia (good people). Ill be heading out of own today but let me know when the next one is. I will be goin to Kalamazoo Area Compassion Club's meeting prolly next tuesday.. Ive been to a few of thiers just not in quite a while..again good peeps!



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Yeah, i was unable to make it out, any way. i ended up having some daddy duty and JUST (at 2:10) got the kids in to quiet time. If i didn't, they'd be too much to handle later! i sure do hope that some people here decide they wanna unite and be supportive of one another. I know there must be plenty of us out here. there are just a ton of trust issues people have with one another. i am certainly not talking about the people of the WMCC. Certainly not Todd, who has been the leader there for some time, and worked very hard at it. if i had more room, and actually knew more people that were cool around here. (that isn't a judgment that aren't cool people around here. I just don't know a ton of them.)

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