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Settin Up My Greenhouse- Which Atmospheric Control Setup Should I Go With?

Otsego County Caregiver

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I have narrowed it down to two different options from CAP and I will be using their 8 burner electronic ignition CO2 generator.


My first option is the Xtreme Greenhouse Controller with Fuzzy Logic CO2 control:




The second option is the CO2-2E controller and the PPM-1 CO@ controller as a combo:







Either of these will work well if they do as advertised and I don't really have a need for all the extra timers on the XGC and I'm not sure I need absolute precision control and possible reliability issues with the CO-2/PPM-1 combo.


This is going in a 14x32 multi purpose greenhouse I designed and built myself from recycled gas well fiberglass tubing. I'll try and get some pics up soon and I may start a grow journal depending how shy I'm feeling. :)


Thanks for helping me decide. I'd appreciate any info anyone could give me about these controllers.

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DO NOT use fuzzy logic with a burner...


Fuzzy logic allow for the controler to ''sneak up'' on the set_point through rapid bursts of CO2...


Used for when running off a tank like me...


works great for a small room as it actually learns the size of the room and roughly what it will take to bring it up to set-point...


But NOT good for a burner...

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i couldn't say weather or not it works better, i've only used the CHHC-1...


The CHHC-1 is a smart peice of gear, it comes with the co2/temp/RH/photo sensor and fuzzy logic control for co2 is selectable..


It's pretty slick and once you get the jist of it, adjustment is rathr simple and intuitive...


I haven't worked with other controlers, but i have worked with industrial controls and this is VERY industrial, from case to control pad and connections...


The ONLY thing i really dont like is that the monitor is on a non-detchable teather... which, honestly, with my electronics backeground, i could wire an industrial twist lock connector if i really thought it needed..

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