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It seems like someone was looking for this the other day. Stats on where the program is at. I pulled this from the DCH site.


Program Statistics:


61,756 original and renewal applications received since April 6, 2009.

32,859 patient registrations issued.

The number of caregivers will be posted as soon as an accurate number can be obtained.

7,541 applications denied -- most due to incomplete application or missing documentation.

Applications are reviewed within 15 days of receipt. Incomplete applications are denied and applicants are then notified of denial by certified and regular mail.

Complete applications, change forms and reapplications for previous denials are then processed in the date order in which they are received. If a denial letter is not received, then the application is deemed valid. The statute currently allows for a copy of the application submitted to serve as a valid registry identification if the card is not issued within 20 days of its submission to the department. At this time, we are unable to issue valid registry identification cards within the statutory time frame with the resources available to us. Currently staff is issuing registry identification cards for valid applications received at the end of June. We continue to review and revise our processing methods in order to more efficiently process and issue the valid registry cards.

The staff is diligently working to process the applications and is having difficulty responding to all the voicemails left on the Medical Marihuana Registry phone line. We appreciate your patience and ask that applicants refrain from calling to inquire about the status of the application unless your application was submitted prior to the beginning of June.

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