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Governor Debate On Channel 4 Wdiv


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Snyder and Benero go toe to toe. Benero ( in my opinion) is crushing his opponent.


I did watch the debate & I must say I was disappointed with Benero , I Think he came across as a Used Care Salesman reading Scripted Responses . He was plainly flustered & kept trying to engage Snyder in the Typical pissing match and I feel came across as Unprepared as well as Confrontational without specific facts to back up his repetitive accusations of his opponent . I didn't see much substance of a vision or specific plan to help Michiganders personal economic situations when help is needed most .


I Myself am tired of the Same Ole , Same Ole career Politician that freely & gladly takes political campaign contributions from Unions & others expecting Favors if in fact he is elected . In Michigan we have had 32+ years of Career Politicians and I for one feel a Breath-O-Fresh Air might just be what Michigan needs Economically to put us back in The Global Business Market once again ,,,

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