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Articles And Studies On Cannabis

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Here are a number of links regarding Marijuana, it's use throughout history, the additional studies that keep showing that it has benefits, the positive affects on crime in cities that have decriminalized it and more.. I will be spending more time verifying all of these sources, but until I do with a follow-up report, I challenge anyone this: If you can find and provide any solid facts to form a rebuttal on anything you read within these links, please let this thread know right away. Also please feel free to add links if they are from CREDIBLE sources. Thanks-- NH


The Truth About Marijuana

Marijuana Benefits Cancer: Two Studies You Probably Never Read About

Marijuana's true potency and why the law should chan

Case Studies

Case Studies Cont.

Medical Marijuana: Reducing Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

European Drug Policy: Analysis and Case Studies

The War on Marijuana: Transforming the War on Drugs in the 90s: Marijuana in a City Court System: a Case Study

Workshop on the Medical Utilities of Marijuana to the Director, National Institutes of Health, by the Ad Hoc Group of Experts ** Notice how what little studies have been done did show benefits of several conditions on the list.

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