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Bouchard About To Get More Powerful

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A huge concern for those in this community. Looks like Sheriff Bouchard is about to get even more power.




By Shaun Byron

For The Daily Tribune


PONTIAC — It looks like Pontiac is going from blue to brown.


Emergency Financial Manager Michael Stampfler signed a memorandum of understanding for Pontiac and the Oakland County Sheriff's Office to enter into contract negotiations for all police services, including dispatch.


The change will take place in January 2011 with Pontiac Police Chief Val Gross being required to provide a transition plan for Stampfler no later than Oct. 19.


Stampfler declined to comment on the action, which has reportedly been researched for the last several weeks.


The details of the agreement haven’t been negotiated as to how the police department’s pension plan will figure into the contract.


The department also has an agreement with the patrol officer’s union, which will have to be reviewed.


The city will save $2 million a year from the contracted service, according to Stampfler.


The contract can be terminated for any reason by either the sheriff's office or the city by giving six months written notice. The agreement can be dissolved earlier if agreed upon by both parties.


The Oakland County Sheriff's proposal gives the city 74 sworn personnel, which equals the current levels of the Pontiac Police Department. The total contract cost is about $10.2 million.


The substation will consist of one captain, two lieutenants, one detective sergeant, six patrol sergeants, 10 patrol investigators and 53 patrol deputies.


A captain will serve as commander of the substation, which will be the former Pontiac Police Department headquarters. City officials will be able to give input on the selection of the substation commander and Pontiac will maintain the costs of maintenance and utilities of the building.


All full-time sworn personnel within the Pontiac Police Department, including the command staff and chief, will be eligible for employment. The full-time dispatchers will also become eligible to be hired for their position.


The sheriff's reserve deputy program would also be opened up to include Pontiac residents who are eligible. The training for the reserve deputies is at no cost to the applicant or Pontiac.


The proposal also lists improving response to citizens, statistics regarding levels of criminal activity and lists several performance indicators for 2011. The indicators include reducing drug trafficking, gun activity, decrease response time, increase community outreach programs, total patrol hours, investigative hours, warrants issued and officer training hours.


The county will also assume the retirement and benefits costs, as well as liability.


The sheriff's office provides contracted police services to 11 townships, two village, two cities and all county parks.


Rochester Hills has the largest substation, with a sworn staff of 60. The city listed as having a population of about 68,829 in 2000. Pontiac was listed as having a population of about 66,337 that same year.



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BUT... this also could mean that 'resources' for enforcement will be stretched very thin in having to cover 'two' areas instead of the one.


There will be NO NEW TAX REVENUES for EITHER of those geographic areas.


IF there WERE enough taxes coming in Pontiac would NOT be combining police departments to save money.


Always look for the positive.


And those of you in the Oakland / Pontiac areas VOTE in 2012 when Sheriff elections are held.

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