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Medical Marijuana Zoning Heads To Council

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Ann Arbor seems to get it. I believe this is a model we could all agree with, especially how their definitions of certain terms such as 'dispensary' aren't skewed like they have been in many other townships. What's the best part about this? The council members ACTUALLY VISITED the dispensaries before passing judgment. But I guess that's to be expected in a town where one of our best universities resides. Hmm maybe medical marijuana advocates aren't just some dumb stoners trying to destroy "our children". IMHO. Check out the link and decide for yourself...



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I just like the fact that the commissioners took the time to actually go to a dispensery and see how things are run. They also seem to have taken the time to actually study this law and how it's applied to all of us. Working with the law and not against it. Definately some progress here and something positive for a change.

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Yeah I know in a previous article about the Ann Arbor council, one of them told the interviewer they didn't notice any noise, or the location affecting any of its surroundings. They said it operated like any normal retail business. (that may not be verbatim but it was very similar to their response)

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