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Maximizing Space


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I am able to upgrade from my old closet into a 12ft X 12ft room with a 7 ft ceiling.


I am currently growing for myself, and 1 other patient.

my aim is to harvest 3 plants every two to three weeks, depending on whatever variables are involved. I use a DWC right now, and will continue to use water.


At first, when i stripped everything out, i was thinking i had more than enuff room, now I am not so sure, I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I am open to any suggestions.


Best system for max output per space, your thoughts?





Puff Puff Pass

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That is a great system, but i am wondering about the total bill for all the parts and such. If ya don't know it isn't a big deal, i will look it all up myself, but it would sure save me a lil time? :)


I probably should have added a little back story....


My budget has been severely limited due to some "minor" water damage in my old grow area....


Note to self " too much water turns wood subflooring into a very porous paper like mushiness"


HOWEVER (off topic)

I have just seen the movie " Leaves of Grass" and i want that Grow Barn!!!! If ya haven't seen it, Watch it.... Great movie.

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I'm trying my hand at "stinkbuddies" system, and so far, it's sucking BIGTIME.. I've been hit with the NGW tubing issues though I think...


Honestly, I don't like the growth I see in his system anyway... I don't get it... In his system, I see thin spindly plants, main stem size is very small... as least with my system, I grow more substantial plants, thicker stalks, short node spacing... I'm not using a chiller, so that might be a problem..


I REALLY like that second system, I just don't know where to find 12" PVC...lol..


My "Stinkbuddies" set-up..



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I would recommed flowering out in groups of 6 with a total of no more than 12 plants in the flower room at a time. This will allow you to veg 6 plants at at time in your prior closet for about 8 weeks at a time, depending on flowering time for your specific strain. I would guess that you have at least 6,000 watts of lighting in the 12x12? If so, this would allow you to flower 2 plants per light efficiently, with substaintial yeild.

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Lighting is my other issue, lol...


6k watts? hmmmmm, i think i may need to buy another light or 4.


I have received some great advice from another person, whom I am not sure is part of this site, but referred me to here when i asked him the original question, haha...


All i gotta do now is "buy it, build it, and bud it" ;)


fun times, thanx for the responses.


I will get a pick of the before during and afters of the room construction.


just need to get a better camera.

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