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Mt. Pleasant Cc Meeting 10/21/10


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The Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club will be meeting tomorrow Thursday, October 21, 2010 6:30 pm at Biggby Coffee located at the corner of Mission and Michigan Streets.


There are many issues to discuss. We will be talking about the candidates for the upcoming election, where they stand, and where we stand with them.


Also, Dr. Bob Townsend will be stopping by to discuss how he plans to handle recommendations, due to some recent court rulings.


Lastly, we will be having a drawing for some Querkel! We will have two jars, each with 1/8 oz of Querkle (medical grade mj) buds. The meds will not be at the meeting, but will be available to be picked up at a legal, safe, off site location.


This drawing will be for card holding patients only. Show your card get a ticket, one ticket per patient please. Two tickets will be drawn, one for each jar. All we are asking is for a $1 donation per ticket, a donation is not required to participate in the drawing, you will only need to show your patient registry card.


Sorry for the late notice. We hope to see you there!

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We had a great meeting last night.


Dr. Bob Townsend stopped in to talk about his central michigan clinics and his new way of taking care of recommendations. Between Dr. Bob and the club, we are able to provide a recommendation at no charge for one patient. Please e-mail us if you are in need of a recommendation and we can let you know when and where the next clinic will be and to determine if the free recommendation is still available mtplcc.org@hotmail.com


We discussed the local candidtats up for election and who we thought would be best fit for our cause.


Also, we had a drawing for some medicine! A club member was kind enough to donate medicine to the club. We had two lucky winners of some nice premium Querkle buds! Our goal is to have more medicine donated to help patients in need, and to have a drawing for medicine each month from here up (card holding patients only please).


We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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Wow. That has some kick. Tasty. Long lasting. A pleasant afternoon. Back soreness was not an issue.


That would be a good clone to get a hold of. If that is possible: doomorgion@yahoo.com


(I have two cards in my pocket.)


Taking a little to my Patient in just a few minutes. Using the Aloha, pass it forward, mentality. Some was given to me, and I will do the same.


I Medicate with a little help from my friends.





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Thanks Budz!


That really helped to cheer me up. Was a bad week for me, had to put my dog down. I am glad our donated buds served a good cause.

We hope to be able to do that more often too.


Pay it forward...





Sorry to hear about your Dog , Been there & done that a few times in recent years & I know Ti's not an easy decision . Be Strong & Be Well ,,,

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More feedback from our last meeting. Some very good news to report.


Thanks to the MMMA for providing this forum, a patient in need has contacted the Mt. Pleasant CC after having read this thread, looking for some assistance towards a recommendation. They are about 70 or so miles away from the club, but have chosen to come to our area for a recommendation. They also mentioned wanting to see Dr. Bob after having read his posts on these forums. It makes us happy to be able to help a patient in need. Reaching out and helping others, that is what compassion is.


The club will be providing the funding for this patient's recommendation through Dr. Bob's clinic, as requested. Dr. Bob is scheduled to be in Clare on November 3rd and November 17th at the Days Inn located behind Pondorosa. You can contact Lori at 989-429-5750 to schedule a visit with Dr. Bob, be sure to mention the Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club sent you. Dr. Bob has formulated a more acceptable and safer recommendation technique due to some recent court rulings.


Thank you Dr. Bob for looking out for the patients safety and security!


As for the free querkel (meds) drawing we had at our last meeting in October, well it appears to have encouraged more members to donate medicine towards a drawing at our next meeting. Just a note, the medicine is not brought to the meeting, it is stored at an off-site location for safe distribution. Also, please note that the drawing for free meds is open to card holding patients only.

As the upcoming meeting date approaches we will update on the details of the next drawing for free meds.


We hope to be able to continue with the drawings for meds to card holding patients at each meeting. All of our meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome. :D

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