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Cannabis V Nazi Germany War-Games


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Did anyone catch the Nat. Geo. programing on charter cable last night?


First, there was a rather questionable spoof-like "Documentary" entitled "Drugs Incorporated: Marijuana" (spelled with a "J," of course, unlike "The Law"), touting all the allegedly murderous "dangers" and anti-social/social conundrums of "the illicit drug" called "Marijuana". Aka: the wonderful healing herb we all know and love and respect as CANNABIS.


This documentary - more like "mockumentary," really - was then followed by a another so-called documentary of an [allegedly harmless] group of "NAZI War Experts" (in my opinion, spending waaay too much time and blood-monied means of ol'"Daddy War-Bucks") on "recreating" (allededly for posterity - yeah, right!) all of the (obviously NOT!) lost "Sectret Weapons" of the pseudo-egalitarian's multi-national banking conglomerate elite-engineered "Hitler's" Nazi Germany; All in "Good Fun," of course, "they" say; "No Harm done; No harm intended," (they claim).


So, to be "clear" on the message: it's ok for certain "authorized" (allegedly) "non-threatening" members of "WE The People" to expend time and money building "workable, life-sized models" of "enemy" weapons of war - for "fun" and especially for "profit"; But, heaven forbid - horror of all horrors - as soon as one tiny little set of cotyledons emerges from sprout .... call out the Anti-FREES' International Militia of home-invading, armed government agents?!


So ... PLANT = BAD! (???)


Bombs and Concentration Camps and "re-creations" of war = OK; No problem!???!!!


(That is, as long as the war-games are merely for "recreational purposes"!)


Not in our [otherwise] peaceful world.





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At least there is a mass awakening among human beings, I believe, that is a growing trend towards understanding the control mechanisms of the elite. The criminalizing and imprisoning of people who have harmed no others just for some political aim is getting old. The major media outlets no longer dictate what we are allowed to know. Free people everywhere are serving notice to authoritarians that their time is past. A new day is upon us, and it does not involve bowing to a new world order or any other group or individuals(s). The fight is on. "The game is afoot, Dr. Watson!" We can all sense a change coming. More information to the masses will help this enlightenment, and there are many helping to do this. There are those who hate individual human rights and that is what we fight against. People are waking up. It is happening now, as we speak. That part is very encouraging. The worrisome part is how hard the authoritarians decide to cling to their power base. Let's hope they just go quietly into the night without sacrificing more individual human before they are done...

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Being a history buff I can somewhat understand the civil war reenactments. These are people who had relatives in the war reenacting battles on the site where it actually happened. In some ways it even honors their ancestors. Reenacting the intricacies of two generals commanding their troops to gain the advantage on the battlefield is interesting to observe and fun to see how those battles progressed and how they fought.


However I don't get the Nazi reenacting. Those guys don't even speak the language and really what on earth are they reenacting? There are no mock battles. In any of the ones I have seen no one is representing the Allied forces. They are just dressing up like Nazis and living for a weekend or what ever as Nazis. They claim to be non political. Since the Nazis were a political organization that seems a contradiction to me. What is next? KKK reenactors? Oh we don't believe in the philosophy of the KKK we are just reenacting a historical part of our history.

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