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Mi First Time Why Cannabis For Me?

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maybe this has been done, but i felt like a place where stories about the effects and direct experiences and exposure to this plant might be discussed might be a benefit to everyone out there.


i can happily tell you that i used cannabis recreational since i returned from the gulf war in 1991.

i didn't use it until i was 23 years old, and feel like that has some bearing on all of my experiences.

after my colon ruptured in 2007 i started using it on a regulated daily routine to relieve pain and offset my upset stomach feelings. then a miracle happened. we as a people legalized it in Michigan and made it possible for me to grow and maintain my own supply and genetics...oh my goodness...everyone should grow their own.

its a perfect medication.

i love what this plant does for me. i love how it makes me feel, i love helping other people realize they can do it too.

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my first time


i was 23

a friend was visiting me from college.

i remember because it was the same day my first wife had just moved (my high school sweetheart) back to California where she was originally from and i was to meet her after she secured a residence...LOL that didn't work out..LOL never mind

he brought this beaker type bong and a few nuggets. well i can tell you i remember very clearly the tunnel vision i felt that night. made a sand which and started talking to my friend and soon we were like boy i sure could eat...and BAM LOL a sand which was lyin on the counter...LOL i giggled and laughed all night long...it hurt, but i was hooked from that night on.

the music was pure

the feeling was like...well it's difficult to describe....i should assume most that are reading this know what i am talkin about.

pure joy

and now the pain relief and appetite help is amazing. and i wouldn't trade it for any medication man makes on this planet (or any other i am aware of LOL)

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