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Mycoherbicides: Attacking Our Plants?

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Drug warriors use ecocides and herbicides


I see many members with lower leaves yellowing and grey spots of what looks like mold....


I swear this is something I had never experienced until this year in Michigan...


I read posts earlier about late and early blight, MSU seems not to have any answer to where this has arisen from in just the last few years. Could some of the many many chem trails I see be filled with powdery mildew and mycoherbicides designed to destroy cannabis?


I know this should probably be posted in conspiracy theory but this older article from CC and others prove that our government has used these methods in other countries and very well could here.


I use neem oil once a week and am considering an organic fungicide, just in case. Would a filter on my intakes also be a good prevenetive measure against pathogens? Does anyone feel the same or am I just paranoid?

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