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New To Michigan

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let me start by introducing myself. i just moved to MI from cleveland however i am not a stranger to this. i lived in california for 3 years before and was certified caregiver my whole time there. i just got certified in MI last month and have just finished my setup. i have already two patients and still looking for the right canadidates to fill my 3 other spots. i am also looking for clones but only certain strains. im still trying to get a feel for things around here. i am a low key person and very careful from wat my experience has taught me in this lifestyle. i am not trying to adevertise my services or anything like that here. im just trying for whomever reads this gets a feel of where i stand as of now. I have spent the last week getting setup as far as my growing space goes and just waiting on electrition to finish rewiring my basement. ifollow every legal aspect of the state laws as it seems like everyone else on this forum does. anyways im looking for clones at the moment. if anyone has any for sale, let me know what you got first generation mothers only. i dont want clones that came from clones please. thanks for your time guys and i will try to do my part and answer questions and help people out as much as i can.

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welcome to the site!

Im sure if you are patient enough and dont ask to many questions at first you will do just fine, (lots of newbie on here go all out on there 1st post either looking for mm or a patient) so it kinda makes peeps think leo is watching!


Relax enjoy the site, check out some of the grow threads, make a few comments on other posts, find some c.c meetings near you! you will meet real people, not online,(not that we are not real) its easier to talk to some one face to face for that 1st encounter!


Good Luck to You!




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