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History Repeats

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Well here we are in the second decade of the twenty-first century and the political and social upheaval in our country has conjured an assassination attempt just like the sixties political and social upheavals did.


The past eighteen to twenty months the rhetoric has been ramping up blaming almost every problem America is having on the Democrats,people of color, and our President who is also a person of color.


Newt Gingrich used the "N" word to describe President Obama! He has been characterized in posters at rallies in what can only be described as stereotyped African witch doctor outfit.


Lets not forget about the immigration turmoil in our country and the overtly racist acts and even laws being passed in some border communities banning illegals and even giving the police the right to stop someone of Spanish appearance or descent and asking for ID and proof of legal American residency and arrest with-out.


This is not a post about immigration or the way its being handled this is my personal point of view on the shape of our countries emotional stability at this time.


Millions out of work, politicians completely ignoring the wishes and demands of the people (sounds familiar) and the rich getting richer by stealing from us the working class.


We even have special interest groups and even certain right wing media outlets overtly blaming people of color for our troubles and calling out of work Americans lazy slobs and then not so overtly calling for someone of some group to do something to stop all of it someway.


Months ago the seeds of violence were planted and now the harvest is at hand.



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Will we soon see the Fishwives marching again?

But to where: the White House, K Street, Wall Street, or even Walmart?

I think not, American's have been drinking too deeply the Soma, and the Betas have not the will to revolt...


I have to politely disagree with that comment about Americans not having the will to stand up.


We have large number of American citizens who make a very real stand almost on a daily basis against what we feel is an out of control Government and will continue to do so, the members of this community.


We stand together defending our rights under the law to cultivate, use, and posses cannabis for medicinal purposes.


Stand with us for our law.

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