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Overgrow The Government - Grassroots Activists Head To The Nation's Capitol To End Cannabis Prohibition

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Please, help end Oligarchy in America; Support FREEDOM - from FEEdom.


Here's the worthy link:








For those of us who can't afford to because of health or money travel that far maybe we should organize a rally on Lansing for that day also in support, I can get there.



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People voted 63% for this law.I go and run with the ball . Right with the numbers trying to do this in a manner that would please them . four plants at three different stages of growth and everything.And all i got into was some p!ssing match with some right wing rednecks that believe they know what i need in MY body. While they do there thing on the weekends no problem . Hell the PA that is in charge of my case heck he hits and runs on company time . But who's the one at the Michigan Court of Appeals ( Day 80 ) not the drunk heck no its the law biding marijuana grower. Its all hypocrisy. And the better thing is i dont DRINK. Then i see all the civilians being shot by the paramilitaries in full armorer ( you notice the civilians always lose the battle in these matters) and heck the police stole my guns gave a map for the thugs to come visit me. How convenient is that. OOOO look Fred here TV 6 news giving out MMJ patient info again gotta love TV 6 news the maps they use are so accurate and they spelled my name right. Nice pin point too. Was quiet the power point presentation i will say. Now comes my 50,000,000 dollar law suit. And tell me who in this matter isnt worthy their prize . Ive had my very life threatened by this matter . Over a silly little weed


Big question is are they going to gun me down then put a golf club in my hand ??

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