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Uh Oh, Betelguese Is Losing Mass! Doom From Orion?

Frank R

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Seems the constellation Orion and not Ophiuchus may hold our doom.


Two suns for the Earth.


Haven't been able to find any info on Betelguese's plane of rotation yet, but in addition to the second sun effect, we could have some issue with a gamma ray burst heading our way.

Keep an eye to the skies, but wear sunglasses 'cause them super novae are bright...



Well, I don't reckon the sun aligning with the galactic center is going to produce any event other than to block the galactic center from our view.

That being said, the galactic center does house a super massive black hole, which are known to produce gamma ray bursts, but the poles of this black hole are not pointing at our planet.

Real risk doesn't come from the center of the Milky Way, but from other galactic center super massive black holes and unknown super novas, which also produce massive gamma ray bursts that can cross galaxies.

Reality is always much more interesting than mythology.




"A gamma-ray burst in the Milky Way, if close enough to Earth and beamed towards it, could have significant effects on the biosphere. The absorption of radiation in the atmosphere would cause photodissociation of nitrogen, generating nitric oxide that would act as a catalyst to destroy ozone.[75] According to a 2004 study, a GRB at a distance of about a kiloparsec (3,262 light-years) could destroy up to half of Earth's ozone layer; the direct UV irradiation from the burst combined with additional solar UV radiation passing through the diminished ozone layer could then have potentially significant impacts on the food chain and potentially trigger a mass extinction.[2][76] The authors estimate that one such burst is expected per billion years, and hypothesize that the Ordovician-Silurian extinction event could have been the result of such a burst, although there is no current evidence to support this idea."


When a galaxy looks like this, it can't hurt us:




But one's that look like this has us in its sights for a gamma ray burst:



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