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Caregiver Patient Relationship Agreement


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i was sitting here assembling a written agreement for my patient / caregiver relationship and i wondered if anyone had one they would like to share.


please a blank copy only, no names or specific details.


i will post my generic form for anyone to use as a template as soon as i am finished.


it will be a work in progress for all time i am sure LOL...but i would like a form to be able to spell out the details of my relationship with my patient in some kind of detail.


currently i have only a basic form and the state paperwork.


but i felt like we could come up with a reasonable relationship agreement that was useful for everyone.


(I have a Builder / Real Estate background and obsess over the written details **Smile**)




i thought it would be constructive to have input about what our community felt was a set of 10 rules to include in my agreement.


the basic of basics, but a "line in the sand" must follow set of guidelines.


for example


1) patient and caregiver agree to follow all applicable state laws.


2) patient and caregiver agree to absolute confidentiality.


3) All parties are bound by this agreement and to always lead by example.


4) the law offers many areas open to interpretation and as we recognize the ability to help all those who need help, we remain vigilant to respect the compassionate intent of the law and will agree to remain in full compliance.


5) All transactions are considered final and satisfactory by examination and no warranty is implied or present.


6) any compensation for action's or any tangible item is deemed acceptable and agreed to without fear or pressure from outside source or influence.


7) Any compensation agreed upon to propagate, raise, tend to and care for plant's or medicine is relative to the stage of production as agreed upon during any transfers and will be delivered as represented with full disclosure as to quantity and quality.


8) both parties agree to hold each other harmless of any accidental fault or wrongdoing where there was no malice or intent to cause harm.


8) All medicine or products legally transfered are done so without malice or intent to defraud.




and then i was stumped LOL


first draft...


input please? (besides spelling LOL)







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