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Growing Legal Problem

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Hello, my name is Robert, i have a situation, myself and my father have recomondations from a marijuana doctor and mailed out our 100$ to the state and as many know it takes a very long time to recieve your card, in my house we have a small grow going 20 plants (under our legal limit) and my dad is having problems with his gf (she moved out) long story short i am worried she will call the police and say we are growing , we have our recommondations on the grow room door but do not have our hard plastic cards yet, my question is, is there anything the police can do with us not having our cards yet if she did decide to call? THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME OUT HERE I REALLY APPRECIATE IT AND AM VERY WORRIED (NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO JAIL, ESPECIALLY FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT I AM ALLOWED TO DO...)




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welcome to the site.


great timing...... the radio show is going on right this second. perfect time to call and have your question answered by a lawyer for free: http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/29100-planet-greentrees-for-march-2-2011-webisode-31/page__view__findpost__p__271407

:thumbsu: (347) 326-9626

Live Every Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m.


w/ Attorney Michael Komorn

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Is one of you caregiver for the other so you don't need separate rooms? Then you're OK.


Have posted on your grow room door copies of dr. recommendation with ap and cancelled check, and locked door on an enclosed space enterable only thru that door, and posted also on door, Do not Enter, instead call MDCH 517-373-0395. Also posted on door, Tarzens card (drtarzen) a member on this site (I refuse to give up any of my rights, won't answer ? without my attorney present, etc.).


Also all the same in car or truck, whichever vehicle you might be with meds.

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